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In April, we wanted your choice of the greatest composer of the last thousand years. We also asked two experts for their views: Cecilia Bartoli and Thomas Dolby, who chose Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach respectively. BBC News Online users begged to differ and put Paul McCartney firmly into the top spot. Below is your top ten - and some of your comments.

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Paul McCartney
Sir Paul McCartney, 56, was songwriter, bass player and lead vocalist in the most successful pop group of all time, The Beatles.

He was responsible for many of the band's greatest hits and some of the world's most famous songs, including Penny Lane, Hey Jude and The Long and Winding Road. His composition, Yesterday, remains the world's most popular song, recorded by more than 2,200 different artists.

Sir Paul continued as a prolific songwriter after The Beatles broke up in 1970, releasing 23 albums on his own and with his band, The Wings, which included his late wife, Linda.

Your Top 10 Composers:
1. Paul McCartney
2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
3. Johann Sebastian Bach
4. Ludwig van Beethoven
5. John Lennon
6. Frank Zappa
7. Prince
8. Richard Wagner
9. Bob Dylan
10. Van Morrison
What you have said:
Paul McCartney's melodies are so natural sounding, it's as if they always existed.
Fred van den Hoek

McCartney's songs are so simple and yet so complex. He can write anything from rock, ballads and even classical. And he's the only former member of the Beatles to really get out of the shadow of the world's greatest rock band.
Dino Rodriguez

Mozart made the most of his talents and wrote and performed a wide variety of music, which has provided an inspiration to other composers and a continual source of joy to people who wouldn't know a music note from a banknote.
Alan Cringle

John Lennon was simply the greatest composer of words and music that ever lived. He also brought out the best in McCartney.
John Crawford

Bach's writings are far more complex, without losing any beauty, and his output far more prolific (without losing any quality) than ANY pop writer, especially Paul McCartney, whose solo efforts since leaving the Beatles have been rather weak.
Patrick Lee

Just listen to his music: the stunning complexity, the sheer number of his works, the diversity. A Bach cantata on an early Sunday morning: heaven on earth does exist.
Dr. J. Pruim

Bach's music has the ability to stir the soul. By listening to his music, one can transport oneself, figuratively, to the mountains, to the ocean, and to the outer reaches of the universe.
Judy Kaplan

Frank Zappa didn't leave any stone unturned, explored all sorts of music and by doing so created a completely unique catalogue of works. Try listening to Joe's Garage then Civilization Phase III. Nothing comes close to these works in terms of innovation and innovation is of course vital to the continuation of music and the pleasure it brings.
Carl Morgan

Bob Dylan's lyrics just flow forever. Some of the best interpretations of his work have been by other artists.
Ivan Ratschkewycz

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