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Your millennium Welcome to Your Millennium.

Half way through April, Paul McCartney was narrowly ahead in the contest for Composer of the millennium. There is still just time for you to weigh in with your choice - the result will appear at the end of the month. Choose the person you think is the greatest composer in the form below. Join us each month for a new vote.

1. Paul McCartney
2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
3. Johann Sebastian Bach
4. Ludwig van Beethoven
5. John Lennon
6. Richard Wagner
7. Antonio Vivaldi
8. Piotr Tchaikovsky
9. Prince
10. Van Morrison
1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2. Claudio Monteverdi
3. Gioachino Rossini
4. Antonio Vivaldi
5. George Frederick Handel
6. Franz Joseph Haydn
7. Franz Schubert
8. Giovanni Bellini
9. Giulio Caccini
10. Pauline Viardot
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Cecilia Bartoli

Cecilia Bartoli is one of the world's leading mezzo-sopranos and one of the most talented names in opera today. Her top-selling Mozart and Rossini recordings have won her fame all over the world as well as two Grammy awards.

1. Johann Sebastian Bach
2. Claude Debussy
3. Igor Stravinsky
4. Bernard Hermann
5. Stevie Wonder
6. Paul McCartney
7. John Lennon
8. Bob Marley
9. Prince
10. Brian Eno
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Thomas Dolby

A former pop musician, Thomas Dolby turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur when he co-invented the revolutionary Web audio technology Beatnik 2.0. His work embodies the new future of music-making.

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