William Jefferson Clinton is only the second American president to have faced an impeachment trial in the Senate.
And like Andrew Johnson before him, the Senate has acquitted him.

Prosecutors failed to secure either of the two counts brought against him in the Senate trial, and could not even muster a simple majority on the first vote. A two-thirds majority was needed to convict on either charge.

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Stage 1   7 January
Senate trial opens.
Sombre start for Clinton trial
Stage 2   14 - 17January
Trial resumes 1800GMT. House managers will present the case against the president.
Prosecutors: Clinton must be ‘accountable’ (Day 1)
Prosecutors lay into Clinton (Day 2)
Republicans: 'Do the right thing' (Day 3)
Stage 3   19 - 21 January
White House lawyers present the president's defence.
Clinton team makes heartfelt
(Day 4)

Clinton defence attacks charges as vague (Day 5)
White House wraps up Clinton defence(Day 6)
Stage 4   22 - 24 January
Senators question both sides.
Key senators call to end trial
Excerpts: Senators’ questions (Day 8)
Stage 5   25 - 26 January
Prosecutors and defence lawyers make motions to present witnesses or hear evidence and dismiss the case.
Senate debates dismissal (Day 9)
Witness list cut to three (Day 10)
Stage 6   27 - 29 January
Senate debates and votes on the motions.
Senate votes to hear witnesses (Day 11)
Senate's partisan pomp
Republicans force through trial plan(Day 12)
Stage 7   1 - 11 February
Witnesses are deposed and videotaped testimony is taken. Prosecution and Defence make presentations before closing arguments by each side. Senators then deliberate on the case before a final vote.
Lewinsky questioned again
Hyde to seek live testimony
Lewinsky goes public
Closing arguments
Senators deliberate
Stage 8   
12 February
At the end of the trial, the Senate will vote on two articles of impeachment. Sixty-seven senators or two-thirds of the Senate must vote in favour of impeachment in order to remove the president from office.
Clinton in the clear

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