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 Scotland  8 seats
 Turnout   24.83%
 Parties  Votes
 Labour  283490  3
 SNP  268528  2
 Conservative  195296  2
 Lib Dem  96971  1
 Green  57142  
 Scottish Socialist Party  39720  
 Pro Euro Conservative Party  17781  
 UK Independence Party  12459  
 Socialist Labour Party  9385  
 BNP  3729  
 Natural Law Party  2087  
 Accountant for Lower Scottish Taxes  1632  
 Labour  Conservative
1. Martin, David 1. Stevenson, Struan
2. Miller, William 2. Purvis, John
3. Taylor, Catherine 3. Harper, Anne
4. May, Christine 4. Buchanan, Cameron
5. McMahon, Hugh 5. Leslie, Sebastian
6. Paton, James 6. Mitchell, Ian
7. Clifford, John 7. Ramsay, Peter
8. Harold, Jeanette 8. Gilbey, Anthony
 Lib Dem  SNP
1. Attwooll, Elspeth 1. Hudghton, Ian
2. Aldridge, Robert 2. MacCormick, Neil
3. Mitchison, Neil 3. Gillies, Anne
4. Lyall, Heather 4. Wilson, Robert
5. Sneddon, Clive 5. Law, Janet
6. Skene, Danus 6. Browne, Kris
7. Freel, Karen 7. Goldie, Ian
8. Struthers, Jayne 8. Docherty, Josephine
 Green  Pro Euro Conservative Party
1. Coyne, Marian 1. Dwyer, Paul
2. Scott, Eleanor 2. Lavender, Joanna
3. O'Brien, Philip 3. McConchie, Douglas
4. Farmer, Graeme 4. Ashurst, Richard
5. Hendry, Linda 5. MacErlean, Neasa
6. Balance, Chris 6. Grant, Oliver
7. Allan, Kay 7. Skinner, Alexander
8. Whitelaw, Alastair 8. Waters, James
 UK Independence Party  Socialist Labour Party
1. McConnachie, Alistair 1. McDaid, Louise
2. Mackay, Donald 2. Herriot, Christopher
3. McKenna, James 3. McGavigan, Katherine
4. Brown, Stuart 4. Mayes, Steven
5. Henderson, Matthew 5. Graham, Patricia
6. Smith, Joseph 6. Turbett, Colin
7. Neilson, Peter 7. Stead, Margaret
8. Mumford, John 8. Galloway, Jim
 Scottish Socialist Party  Natural Law Party
1. Kerr, Hugh 1. McKissock, James
2. Kane, Rosie 2. Stidolph, George
3. Duke, Harvey 3. Kras, Diana
4. Stewart, Catherine 4. Blair, Kenneth
5. Fox, Colin 5. Pettigrew, David
6. Blackall, Shareen 6. Petrie, Ian
7. Arnott, Steve 7. Rawlinson, Anna
8. Curran, Frances 8. Pringle, Thomas
 BNP  Accountant for Lower Scottish Taxes
1. Smith, Kenneth 1. Lawson, Charles
2. McLean, Scott
3. Bradley, Russell
4. Allen, Mark
5. Wilkinson, Paul
6. Currie, Robert
7. Kerr, David
8. Mills, James
 = Candidate elected

Comprising the 72 parliamentary constituencies in Scotland. At the 1997 general election Labour won 56 seats, the Liberal Democrats 10 and the Scottish National Party 6.

Labour has reaped considerable advantage over the years from the operation of first past the post in Scotland. Perhaps surprisingly, the party has never polled 50% of the vote (the Conservatives did manage to do so in 1955), but has regularly taken more than half the seats. In 1997 a 45% share of the vote yielded three quarters of the total seats.

The Conservatives, by contrast, have seen their decline in support in Scotland exaggerated by the operation of the electoral system. The Liberal Democrats in Scotland have tended to receive a 'fair' return for a modest national vote thanks to the concentration of their support in rural areas, while the SNP have suffered from having a more even spread of support.

Scotland forms a single region for the European Parliament elections, meaning that votes across the country will be totalled before the 8 seats are allocated. The electionis being held five weeks after the Scottish Parliament contests and what happened then will have an important impact on these results.

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