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New MEPs: 22

 Group*  Party  MEPs
 Socialist  Soc Dem  6
 Centre-Right  Moderate/
 Chr Dem
 Liberal  People's
 Green  Green  2
 United Left  Left  3
 Far Right    0
 Independent    0

Voting System
Proportional representation at national level. Voters choose a party or one or more candidates. They can also change the order of party lists, and add or delete names. Parties must receive 4% of the national vote.

Candidates are ranked according to preference votes. To change the order of the list, candidates must obtain 5% of their party's votes.

Seats allocated to an amended St Laigue method - a variant of the d'Hondt system which slightly favours smaller parties over larger ones.

Main Parties:
  Christian Democrats
  Moderate Party
  Social Democrats



Sweden's governing Social Democrats retained the largest number of seats in Strasbourg scoring a total of six, but a massive leap in the support for the Liberal Party saw its share of the vote nearly triple to 13.8%

With a popular candidate in Marit Paulsen, the party ran on a pro-European Union, anti-corruption and environmentalist ticket.

Support also grew, but not quite as dramatically, for the anti-European Union Left Party which took 15.8 % of the vote, up three points on its 1994 performance.

The Social Democrat party saw a modest drop in support as its share of the vote fell by 2% to 26%. Sweden's other main party, the Moderate Party, saw its support fall by three points to 20%.

Following the familiar pattern across the European Union, turnout was low at just under 40%.

"I don't see any reason to view this as a bad result for us, considering the low voter turnout," Prime Minister Goeran Persson told Swedish television.

"Above all, I feel a real gloominess about the low turnout, which is a very strong warning signal," he added.

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