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New MEPs: 31

 Group*  Party  MEPs
 Socialist  PvdA  6
 Centre-Right  Chr Dem  9
 Liberal  Free Dem/
 Green  Grn Left  4
 United Left  Soc  1
 Far Right    0
 Independent  Prot Coal  3

Voting System
Proportional representation on a national list system. There are 19 constituencies but these are for sdministrative purposes only.

Votes are counted nationally and allocated according to the d'Hondt method. No threshold.

Main Parties:
  Christian Democrats
  Freedom and Democracy
  Socialist Party



Despite losing a seat in the European parliamentary elections, the opposition Christian Democrats are still the Netherlands' largest party at Strasbourg.

But the heaviest losers in the poll, which saw under a third of the population vote, were the ruling coalition parties.

The Greens made impressive gains, bringing their total of seats up from one to four.

Prime Minister Wim Kok's ruling Labour Party and the centrist D66 party both lost two seats each although the remaining partner in the three-party government, the Liberals, held onto all their seats.

The poll is bad news for the government which would lose power if the results were repeated in a general election.

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