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New MEPs: 6

 Group*  Party  MEPs
 Socialist  Soc Dem  2
 Centre-Right  Chr Dem  2
 Liberal  Dem  1
 Green  Green  1
 United Left    0
 Far Right    0
 Independent    0

Voting System
Proportional representation on a national basis. Seats are allocated by the d'Hondt system.

Electors have six votes (as many as there are seats) and may cast them en bloc for a whole list, for candidates from more than one list, or selected candidates from a single list.

Party lists have a maximum of 12 names. Compulsory voting.

Main Parties:
  Christian Social Party
  Democratic Party
  Green Party
  Socialist Workers' Party



The acting head of the European Commission Jacques Santer will continue his political career in the European Parliament after being returned as one of two MEPs for the Christian Democrat party.

Mr Santer was head of the 20-member commission which resigned en masse after a highly critical report into corruption.

But elections to the European Parliament in Luxembourg were overshadowed by a general election which saw the ruling Christian Social Party retain power but with a new coalition partner - the Democratic Party.

In the Euro-elections, the Greens held onto their seat - despite initial reports that they would lose it.

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