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New MEPs: 16

 Group*  Party  MEPs
 Socialist  Soc Dem  3
 Centre-Right  Nat Coal/
 Liberal  Centre/
 Green  Green  2
 United Left  Left All  1
 Far Right    0
 Independent    0

Voting System
Proportional representation with the whole country as a single constituency. Voters cast ballots for a party, electoral alliance or joint list, but are also able to prefer a particular candidate. Seats are allocated by the d'Hondt method.

Once it has been decided how many seats have been won by each party, alliance or list, then the candidates are elected according to how many preference votes they received.

Main Parties:
  National Coalition
  Social Democrats



A heatwave helped keep the voters on the beaches and in their holiday cottages, with only 30% bothering to cast their ballots.

Among the successful candidates were former world rally driving champion Ari Vatenen and former world ski-ing champion Marjo Matikainen-Kallstrom, both representing the conservative National Coalition.

The governing Social Democrats lost one seat, while their main coalition partner, the Conservatives, retained their four seats.

The Green Party, which is also one of the five coalition members, increased its seats by one for a total of two.

The main opposition Centre Party retained its four seats, while the minor opposition party the Christian League gained a seat to obtain their first representative to Brussels.

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