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New MEPs: 16

 Group*  Party  MEPs
 Socialist  Soc Dem/
 Soc People
 Centre-Right  Conservative  1
 Liberal  Liberals/
 Rad Libs
 Green    0
 United Left    0
 Far Right  People's  1
 Independent  June

Voting System
Proportional representation by list. Votes can be cast for a party or individual candidates. Allocation of seats by the d'Hondt method.

Main Parties:
  Conservative People's Party
  Justice Party
  Liberal Party
  People's Party
  Progress Party
  Radical Liberals



The Danish Liberals have emerged as the countries largest party in Strasbourg taking 5 seats in the European parliamentary elections.

But the ruling coalition between the Social Democrats and the centrist Radical Party held onto all their seats.

Anti-EU parties polled strongly with the Danish People's Party joining the ranks of other Danish anti-EU groups in the parliament, although they are likely co-operate with each other.

Four of Denmark's 16 members of the parliament are now opposed to the European Union.

The Conservatives were reduced to just one seat after losing two.

Turnout was just over 50%, down three points on the last election.

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