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New MEPs: 21

 Group*  Party  MEPs
 Socialist  Soc Dem  7
 Centre-Right  People's  7
 Liberal    0
 Green  Green  2
 United Left    0
 Far Right  Freedom  5
 Independent    0

Voting System
Electors vote for national lists, but may express preference for individuals on those lists.

Seats allocated by the d'Hondt method according to number of votes won. Parties need 4% of the total vote to win a seat.

Main Parties:
  Green Party
  People's Party
  Social Democrats



The governing Social Democratic Party came out of the European elections on top.

The party gained 31.74%, of the vote, increasing its share by just over 2%, and giving it an extra seat.

The minor coalition partner, the conservative Austrian People's Party, kept its seven seats, scoring 30.64%

The populist Freedom Party slumped by 4% to 23.48%, losing one seat.

Actress Mercedes Echerer will be making her way to Strasbourg for the Greens. She won her party's second seat - they won 9.25% of the vote.

The election campaign had been dominated by a debate over Austria's continued neutral status, with the voters seeming to shy away from those parties which back joining Nato.

Many analysts are seeing the election as a dry-run for October's general election.

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