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London I feel Diana had just began her true calling. She "rocked the boat" and we admired her for that but it was embarrassing to know elements of her private life that were far too personal for any of us to know.

Our reaction to famous people should be to look the other way and respect their dignity. Otherwise we are all voyeurs.

I think her museum will continue the bizarre obsession and should be closed. Her fans should let go. Diana's death reminds us all that she was, after all, mortal, leaving a void for all those looking for a sign, for love, for help.

She was not the answer. But her fans could not see beyond this. Out of respect for her sons, the public should put their obsession with her to rest.

Brigitte Lawson Chan
Toronto, Canada

London, England


New Orleans, Louisiana

Quezon City, Philippines

Portland, Oregon

Toronto, Canada

Marseilles, France



Anchorage, Alaska

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