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London I live in Singapore and we were seven hours ahead of London that day.

We awoke to the news that she had been in a car crash and that Dodi was dead. There was no further news on her condition for a few hours. I had to go out and I remember passing the magazine stall that sells magazines from all over the world and of course there were many with their covers speculating about Diana and Dodi. At about 1pm we were watching our children's favourite TV show when the sad news was flashed up.

I couldn't believe it, I was stunned. I remember being totally sucked up into the huge wave of grief and mourning that came over the world.

My daughters aged six and three were very upset but had not really known who she was! We sat and watched the funeral as a family and I think even my husband shed a tear!

Now I think I, along with many others, over-reacted! I find her brother's speech embarrassing now but then I agreed with every word! I was anti-paparazzi, blaming them totally.

I still feel sad about her death but sometimes can't really believe that she is dead when her face is still about everywhere. The media has such power over people.

Louise Trevelyan

London, England


New Orleans, Louisiana

Quezon City, Philippines

Portland, Oregon

Toronto, Canada

Marseilles, France



Anchorage, Alaska

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