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London While many of us remember the Princess as a loving, caring and generous person, we must also remember that life as part of the Royal Family is not a fairy tale.

One must be educated in the duties and responsibilities that is part of that life.

Without them, the Royal Family would be just like one of us, only a wealthier version. While it is sad that she had difficulties coping with the ways of the Windsors, it is also her duty to live their ways as she married into that family.

Again, I'd like to reiterate that the Royal Family is not a family "full of fun" but one that is burdened with duties that have been expected of them for centuries.

Leah E. Aguilar
Quezon City, Philippines

London, England


New Orleans, Louisiana

Quezon City, Philippines

Portland, Oregon

Toronto, Canada

Marseilles, France



Anchorage, Alaska

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