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London I will always remember the moment when I heard of Diana's death.

My mother telephoned me from London at around 9 am and I listened with stupefaction to her words. It was not until I put down the telephone and my partner joined me that the full meaning came home to me and I burst into tears - without really knowing why. I just felt so incredibly sad.

As the week went on towards her funeral date, the overwhelming need to be in the town of my birth for that day got stronger and stronger.

I took the plane from Marseilles on the morning of the funeral and arrived in the centre of London at around 11 am. I will never ever forget that day.

The words and sounds that come immediately to mind when I think of it are flowers and tears and, apart from the sounds of horses hooves and sobbing, an overwhelming silence amidst the thousands and thousands of people, all sharing their grief.

I feel honoured to have been in London on that day and I still cannot explain why I was so unbelievably devastated by her death.

Beverley Finnegan
Marseilles France

London, England


New Orleans, Louisiana

Quezon City, Philippines

Portland, Oregon

Toronto, Canada

Marseilles, France



Anchorage, Alaska

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