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Diana's death provoked and extraordinary global outpouring of grief. From London to New York to Tokyo, hundreds of thousands queued to sign condolence books and lay flowers in memory of the "People's Princess"

BBC News Online invites you to share your thoughts about the princess and what her death meant. Read a selection of the responses or click here to contribute now.

Other contributions

"Perhaps the nation had been subconsciously seeking a Messiah ..This, I think, is what we witnessed a year ago, and as a nation it should continue to worry us." London, England
"If I mourned so deeply for a woman I'd never known, oughtn't I to strive to know and care for others who are much nearer to my own sphere?" Taiwan
"Here was a true fairy tale and one in which the beautiful Princess grew up like me. She instantly became my hero." New Orleans
"We must remember that life as part of the Royal Family is not a fairy tale." Quezon City, Philippines
"I will always remember being in London at that time - a singular moment in history." Portland, Oregon
"Diana was not the answer. But her fans could not see beyond this. The public should put their obsession with her to rest." Toronto, Canada
"When I think of the funeral I think of ... an overwhelming silence amidst the thousands and thousands of people, all sharing their grief." Marseilles, France
"Cynics say the public grieving was hysterical ... I would argue that the response was a natural expression of mourning for a much-love public figure." Somerset
"I think I over-reacted! I find her brother's speech embarrassing now but then I agreed with every word!" Singapore
"The ultimate lesson in Diana's death is that we must stop hunting celebrities. Everyone is entitled to a private life and a public life." Anchorage, Alaska