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Q and A Even a year on, almost everyone has questions about Diana - her life and the issues raised by her death. To help answer them, BBC News Online has enlisted the experts. Click the links below to send us your questions and comments about Diana, her charities, the Royal Family and the press. Every day this week we'll publish the responses.
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Jennie Bond Ben Pimlott Arthur Edwards Dr Michael Pokorny Mike Whitlam

"I found Diana charming, shrewd, manipulative and at times infuriating."

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"The extraordinary response to her death sped the monarchy's move in a more publicity-conscious direction."

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"Diana knew how to manipulate the press and was very clever at it."

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"The public reaction to Diana's death was misunderstood and misrepresented by the media."

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" It was Diana's involvement in the anti-personnel landmines that made this appalling weapon of war a global issue."

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