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Dear viewer

A word to Jo, who e-mailed after Friday's programme: "Jeremy Vine, that yellow suit, blue shirt (or was it pink?) and a mauve tie with polkadots...... WHY? I haven't been able to sleep since."

As a result of that - to enable Jo and the others who wrote to rest easy - I've now instituted an overhaul in the procedure for dressing in the morning: the bedroom light goes on first. Nothing wrong with a spot of regime change.

We spent last night discussing Iraq; tonight it's Northern Ireland. There is the faintest footballing connection - some years ago it emerged that members of the Iraqi national squad were tortured after a series of bad results. The news that Neil Lennon, Northern Ireland's captain, is stepping down after an alleged paramilitary death threat is shocking; it puts the Province's ongoing sectarian strife up in lights for the world to see. We'll talk about it.

Then to another area of strife: Spain's Basque separatists have a political wing which the Spanish Government wants to make illegal. Does the move prevent Spain from ever striking its version of the Downing Street Agreement, which brought Sinn Fein into the mainstream and stopped the worst of the violence?

We'll also be talking about the internet. Who was it who once suggested that an infinite number of monkeys, sitting at typewriters, would eventually type the complete works of Shakespeare? The net seems to disprove the theory, and a man who says we must resist American web domination will tell us what his alternative model would be.

Plus, mortgage defaulting set to soar. Along with the beach hut that went for 65,000, it's the latest 1988-style indicator of the property market downturn to come.

See you at 10.30, in appropriate clothes.

Jeremy Vine


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As President Bush gathered his top military advisors at his ranch in Texas, Jeremy Vine asked the UN Chief Weapons Inspector, Hans Blix, if he's worried about what the Americans are planning.

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