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Our Monarchy: the next 50 years
A new anthem The nation speaks

What do you think of the current national anthem? Is it time for a makeover? We asked you what you thought of God Save the Queen and wanted your suggestions for new lyrics to accompany musician David McEwan's special remix of the national anthem. The best entries have been posted on the website.
Click here to listen to the national anthem
Click here to listen to the national anthem
Click here to listen to the remix
Click here to listen to the remix

Let's sing, rejoice, be proud
Unite in peace, be friends
This land of hope and glory
Our Queen be glad to reign over us
L.B Bray, England

God bless our country
God save humanity
God save us all

Let Freedom prevail
Liberty and say
To let us all live in peace
God Save us all
Robert Jones, Wales

Hail Blair
Hail Blair
Hail Blair
Hail Blair
Hail Blair
Hail Blair
(At least that's what it will be in a few years time!)
Tim Platt, England

God save our nations dream
Freedom, equality
All that we are.

Let's be victorious, happy and glorious
Fighting want and despair
Let's fight hypocrisy, injustice, misery
Home and afar

God, let our island race welcome each foreign face
That battles with us to better human kind.
Marilyn Dover, England

Long live democracy
Long live our human rights
We shall be free

We shall all have the right
To have our views tonight

We are now citizens, alright
It's democracy
Robert Welding, UK

God save our football team
Feed them Strawb'ries and cream
God save the team

Cheer them victorious
Becks' hair is glorious
Long to win the cup for us
God save the team
Kate Alley, England (Australian by birth)

Diversity is cool
We are diverse
We rule
Darren, UK

God save our gracious Queen
The greatest stars in the night
Beacons of hope spread across the land

In a world of fear and sorrow
Where love and hate collide
There's always a new tomorrow
Feel the love that's inside

Make the world a better place
Where peace and love transcends
See it shine in your face
In your heart, it heals and mends

Let's live together side by side
And sing in harmony this song
For we'll fill our hearts with pride

Together as one
We'll fill the world with pride
Fill the world with pride
Fill the world with pride
Nick Fletcher, UK

Disclaimer: The BBC will put up as many of your comments as possible but we cannot guarantee that all e-mails will be published. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments that are published.

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