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Our Monarchy: the next 50 years
A new anthem The nation speaks

We asked people in London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool and Leicester to sit on our throne and give their opinions on the British Monarchy. Below is a selection of their views.

"The monarchy has no relevance in modern society in Scotland or Britain"

"The Queen should stay, she's amazing"

"They keep up the British tradition"

"Long live Her Majesty"

"Why should one person have millions of pounds when there's poverty on the streets"

"I think it's terrible that they're all living off us"

"I think the royal family are really good for the tourist industry"

"The Queen represents an old figure head"

"God Bless the Queen"

"They're, if you like, passed their sell by date"

"I hope a Scottish monarch will be returned to the throne of Edinburgh"

"It's just wasting tax payer's money"

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