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Whenever anything happens, we will be there first... On top of that we will be investigating events and issues never before seen on British television. You will be able to talk to the presenters and question the guests DIRECTLY. E-Mail the stars, or the politicians who run our lives, and watch their response - LIVE. If you live in a more analogue world, you can use the phone or fax or even snail mail.

Our presenters are the cream of the crop... young and experienced journalists who are the news stars of the future. Among them:

Sarah Montague started her career as a stockbroker before moving into television in the Channel Islands, and has been reporting on the world business scene for the past five years.
Gavin Esler has also been looking at the world... specifically, the US, where he was the BBC's Washington Correspondent for the past four years.
Sian Williams is less well-known, because she was working behind the scenes as a producer until one day a colleague suggested she make an audition tape... and look at her now!
Krishnan Guru-Murthy is well-known to younger British television viewers; he presented Newsround for a number of years before moving to Newsnight.

These are just a few of the faces you will see on the new channel.

The channel is totally digital and uses new technology throughout. This commitment to new technology will be reflected within the channel itself.

The web, and all that moves (or talks) within it, will be featured daily with the 1200 - 1600 slot. Nightly, between 2130 and 2200, News Interactive will link with News Online.

The News 24 control room...

New developments in science and technology will also be constantly monitored and brought to you in an accessible and understandable way.

Add to that correspondents specialising in the environment, weather and transport, health and education, economics and business, and art and culture, and you see that News 24 has a commitment to bring the world to you in all its colourful complexity.

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