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آخر تحديث: الخميس 16 يوليو 2009 16:58 GMT
دروس للذين يعتزمون الطلاق
شاهد واسمع

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A couple arguing

Hello and welcome to BBC Xtra English!

Today John and talk about new classes for parents who are getting divorced.

Divorce within a family can cause many problems, and children especially face a difficult time as they see their parents getting divorced.

A pilot scheme for parenting classes to help parents who are going through a divorce improve their relationship with their children has just been launched in the UK.

If they are successful, these classes might even become compulsory for parents who want to have a divorce.

The classes do not criticise parents but try to involve them in looking at ways to make the divorce less difficult on their children.

Dr Liz Trinder from the family studies department and Newcastle University says the classes will have a beneficial effect if they are interactive and the parents take part.

Parents who attended the classes say that they were very useful and they had the opportunity to talk about new ideas with other parents.

The classes also showed the parents a list of ways that children would like to be treated when their parents are divorcing and how parents should act in front of the children.

One way was not to argue or be angry with each other in front of the children.

Another was not to use children as messengers - parents should talk directly to each other.

Parents shouldn't make children feel guilty about enjoying time with the other parent or expect children to take sides.

One father used an interesting way of helping his young daughter understand his divorce.

He drew pictures of two families to help her understand what was happening between her parents.

What advice would you give to parents who are going through a divorce? Do you think classes like these are useful? Write to us in English!

بماذا تنصح الاباء والامهات الذين يعتزمون الطلاق؟ هل ترى أن مثل هذه الدروس مفيدة؟ اكتب لنا بالإنجليزية

مطلق/ مطلقة


face a difficult time
يواجه أوقاتا صعبة

pilot scheme
خطة تجريبية

parenting classes
دروس في الأبوة والأمومة


involve them

family studies department
قسم الدراسات الأسرية

beneficial effect
تأثير نافع



feel guilty
يشعر بالذنب

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