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آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 15 يوليو 2009 15:01 GMT
كلفة رعاية كبار السن
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an elderly man in a care home

Hello and welcome to BBC Xtra English!

Today Vicky and Liliane talk about an issue that affects many countries around the world: how to pay for the care of the elderly.

In the UK, the government is looking at ways of reforming the social care system.

Some people think that the current situation is unfair as the government only pays for care for people with a little money.

But those who have savings or property worth more than £23000 have to pay for themselves.

This means that many elderly people are forced to spend their savings or sell their homes to pay for their care.

Katherine Dyton, a 93 year old lady told the BBC that she had to sell her home.

She said that it was very hard for her to leave her home and possessions but most of all it was hard to leave behind her memories.

Katherine is also worried about her money running out and her daughter told us that it might finish after four years.

The government is looking at ways to solve problems like these.

One way is to make people pay insurance during their working life.

But a solution must be found quickly as the number of people over 85 in the UK is due to double in 25 years and treble in 35 years.

How do you think care should be paid for? Write to us in English!

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care of the elderly
رعاية المسنين


social care system
نظام الرعاية الإجتماعية

current situation
الوضع الراهن




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