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آخر تحديث: الجمعة 13 يونيو 2008 10:27 GMT
حمى كرة القدم
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اختبر معلوماتك اليوم

Luiz Felipe Scolari gestures

Welcome to BBC Xtra English.

Today Alice and Inas are talking football.

It's Euro 2008 and it seems like everyone in Europe is talking about football.

England, Scotland and Wales didn't qualify, so the British might be less interested in the competition than their European neighbours!

One of the favourites to win are Portugal. But they've just lost their manager Luiz Philipe Scolari. He's just been announced as the new coach of English team, Chelsea.

Luiz Philipe Scolari is known as 'Big Phil' in the UK. People say he's a bit of a character, a big personality. He's someone who is not afraid to speak his mind. Not unlike the last Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho.

Why are so many football managers big characters?

We asked some people "What makes a good football manager?"

One man said charisma and passion were important. And people like a manager who thinks football matters. One famous English football manager, Brian Clough, once said that football wasn't just a matter of life and death - it was more important than that...

Who is your ideal football manager? And which team are you supporting in the Euro 2008 competition?
من هو المدير الفنى لفريق كرة قدم من وجهة نظركم؟و ما هو الفريق الذى تشجعونه فى مسابقة يورو 2008


favourites to win
الفرق المرشحة للفوز


a bit of a character
شخص متميز

a big personality
شخصية متميزة

not afraid to speak his mind
لا يخشى قو ل الحق

what makes a good football manager?
ماذا يصنع مديرفنى جيد لفريق كرة القدم ؟

سحر الشخصية


football matters
اهمية كرة القدم

a matter of life and death
مسألة حياة أو موت

Ammar, Iraq, Baghdad
My ideal football manager is the best player in Euro 1988 and carry it their cup as the first time to his country record in this competition and he score in the final match against the Russia it's described the weariest goal in the world on the greatest goal keeper "Dasaeeve" and my age was 10 years and since that a love this hero and support his team finally every body knows who my champion ship and my favorites' team to win in Euro 2008.

Mahmoud, Jordan
I encourage germany so i wish it won in al math

Naseer, Baghdad, Iraq

Ghassan, Dubai, UAE
in my view the best manager in the world is marcilo lippi who achieve the last world cup and who consider the only coach in the world won world cup and champions league I like & support Italy in euro 2008

Riad, Israel
My ideal football manager is Del bosky who won with real madrid with two championchip cups. The team that I support in the Euro 2008 competition is Spain. They play fantastic

Gafar, Port Sudan, Sudan
Football so much I think it makes friendship among people and between different nations and know about each others.

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