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آخر تحديث: الجمعة 06 يونيو 2008 11:18 GMT
لماذا يعاني البريطانيون من صعوبات في الرياضيات
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Stream of numbers on screen, image courtesy of Eye Wire

Welcome to BBC Xtra English.

Cath and Louay are talking about maths.

Were there any school subjects you were really bad at? Would you be proud to admit that you're bad at any subject?

In Britain admitting to a poor understanding of maths is not shameful; there's no disgrace associated with having poor number skills.

A new survey by the British think-tank 'Reform', suggests that British people may even be rather proud of their lack of mathematical knowledge.

However this is costing the economy billions of pounds every year. It is a real burden on the economy because people don't have the right skills for many jobs. It makes economic sense for the British population to take maths more seriously according to the report.

Yet many people in Britain do not feel impeded by having few mathematical skills, with many believing that only a basic school qualification is all you need.

The report suggests that the lack of concern about maths has come from public figures openly declaring their own problems with the subject through the media. It has made people believe maths does not matter very much.
هل تعتبر مادة الرياضيات مهمة في بلدك؟ وهل هناك مواد لا تمانع في الاعتراف بانك سيء فيها؟



costing the economy
يكلف الاقتصاد

a real burden
عبء حقيقي

economic sense
منطق اقتصادي


basic school qualification
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