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آخر تحديث: الخميس 05 يونيو 2008 18:00 GMT
الصيحات الخاصة بالرجال
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Singer Elton John launching his clothes shop

Welcome to BBCe! This week Finn is in Cairo, talking to Karim about male trends.

We're asking men in Cairo and London what fashion trends they follow.

A man wearing a trench coat

In London, retro clothes are very fashionable at the moment. These are old-style clothes with a modern twist.

One man who likes retro clothes is wearing battered jeans and trainers. He's also wearing a trench coat (see picture).

A completely different look is the classic look; one Londoner says he only wears classic clothes, clothes that never go out of fashion and are of high quality.

A man in a hoodie in London

We hear from another man who says he doesn't follow a particular trend - he likes the simple look of a grey hoodie and a pair of black pumps (see picture).

In Cairo Finn talks to one man who says he doesn't follow trends but says it's all about what you feel; you have to feel good!

Another man says he tries not to fit into a category, he tries to do his own thing. He doesn't worry too much about how he looks; if his hair doesn't look all right he just wears a hat!

Finn and Karim also talk about language to do with fashion; if people follow your style we'd call you a trend setter.

A fashion guru is someone who is known for their taste in fashion so people come to them for advice.

And if fashion is really, really important to you and you spend a lot of time and money on the very latest styles (perhaps too much time and money?) then you are a fashion victim!

Do you follow fashion? What trends are you following at the moment? Write to us in English!

هل أنتم من هواة الموضة ؟ ما الموضات و الصيحات التي تتبعونها الآن؟ اكتبوا إلينا بالإنجليزية

male trends
الصيحات الرجالي

fashion trends
أحدث الصيحات

retro clothes
ملابس قديمة

a modern twist
لمسة عصرية

battered jeans
جينز مقطع

حذاء رياضي

a trench coat
بالطو طويل

the classic look
مظهر كلاسيكي <

classic clothes
ملابس كلاسيكية

a grey hoodie
غطاء رأس رمادي

a pair of black pumps
زوج حذاء أسود مريح

to do his own thing
يرتدي ملابس على ذوقه

a trend setter
مصمم صيحة

a fashion guru
خبير في الموضة

a fashion victim
ضحية الموضة

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