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آخر تحديث: الجمعة 18 يناير 2008 15:22 GMT
إختر رقماً و أسئلة عن الطيران
شاهد واسمع

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Stop watch مسابقة إختر رقما
Pick A Number Quiz إختر رقماً و الألوان
Pick a number إختر رقماً و أسئلة عن الطقس
Horglass الصفوف في إختر رقماً
Alasaka إختر رقماً و أسئلة عن البحر
Plane إختر رقماً و أسئلة عن الطيران


Lewis Godron

Welcome to BBC Xtra English. Today Kaz and Khalid test your English with the Pick a Number Quiz.

Meet today's contestants:

Nora is in Libya. She has been learning English for one year and she's studying Business & Management.

Faisal, in the U.A.E., is a student too. At college he's studying Business and Information Technology.

Here are some of the questions from today's quiz:

  • Correct this sentence: I enjoy swim.

  • Name two months that begin with the letter A.

  • What is the opposite of take off?

  • Which is correct - apply for a job or apply to a job?

  • Which is correct - I am feeling luck or I am feeling lucky?

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