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آخر تحديث: الجمعة 12 أكتوبر 2007 11:20 GMT
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Hanady - our listener of the month

Welcome to BBCe! We wish you a very happy Eid!

Abeer and Sean are talking to Hannady our listener of the Month!

Sean: Last week we announced the winner of our Listener of the Month competition. Four listeners were brave enough to enter the quick fire quiz. And of course with a fantastic ten points our winner was Hannady... and, Hannady, I think we have you there on the line. Hello. How are you?

Hannady: Yes. Hi. Hi, Sean. How are you?

Sean: I'm very good. How are you? Ramadan Karim!

Hannady: Allah Akram! Thank you very much Sean. Happy Eid!"

Abeer: Happy Eid. Yeah

Sean: Happy Eid yes. Coming up with Eid. So, Hannady, we're going to give you a little interview for a few minutes. Okay, are you ready?

Hannady: Yes, I'm ready.

Sean: All right. You are one of our most dedicated listeners.

Hannady: Well, I adore BBCe! And I keep all my appointments after six o'clock on Thursday.

Sean: Really?

Hannady: Really. Yes.

Sean: And how about your friends? And all the people who are waiting to see you.

Abeer: They have to wait.

Hannady: Well, they're waiting to listen to me.

Sean: OK. Excellent. Excellent. So tell me, apart from listening to BBCe!, how do you learn your English? How do you practise your English?

Hannady: Well, I get a pencil and a paper and I just jot down every new phrase you say.. and I try to use it with my friends after that.

Sean: Oh excellent. Okay, so what advice would you give to me for my Arabic because my Arabic is terrible. I need to improve.

Hannady: You have to speak in Arabic when you are in Egypt. You shouldn't speak one word in English when you are in Egypt.

Sean: Mashi, ya Hannady. Wa ana khawagaa gameel!

Abeer: Ana khawagaa gameel? Shufti di ya Hannady?

Hannaday: Wa ana Masreya gameela wa Abeer Masreya gameela...

Sean: Bezapt keda! You see I learn two or three phrases like you from the programme but I've got lots of gaps. Abeer, I think you have a question.

Abeer: All the listeners know you now because you are a dedicated listener, you are the listener of the month and we are going to have an interview - this interview - will be on web.. so we want to know more about you. Who are you? Enti meen?

Sean: Enti meen, bezapt Hannady?

Hannady: Yes. My name is Hannady. I'm a graduate from the English department, Cairo University. I took a diploma course at the AUC. I worked for the US Embassy for four years. Currently I am working with His Excellency Doctor Abdel Megeed who was the former Secretary General of the Arab League. And I've got a lot of friends and most of them listen to BBCe!

Sean: Excellent. You have a fascinating job. Your job sounds very interesting.

Hannady: Yes. I'm exposed to journalists, to TV channels and so on. And I get to know a lot of friends from that.

Sean: Yeah. Absolutely. And do you use English in your job?

Hannady: Yes I use English in my job. When Doctor Abdel Megeed has lectures in English I have to write them myself.

Sean: Ah okay. Then no wonder your English is perfect.

Hannady: Thank you.

Abeer: And the surprising thing is that all of this knowledge of English and still you are happy to learn from BBCe!

Hannady: Yes sure because I learned English of the books but the daily English which is used in England I don't know that much so I try to adapt myself and begin learning it and begin using it as well.

Sean: Excellent. Excellent. So finally perhaps tell us what's your favourite part of BBCe!

Hannaday: Well, my favourite part of BBCe! as for Ramadan was the Celebrity Quiz.

Sean: Which one? Which one did you enjoy most?

Hannady: The one with Amina Shelbaya and Engy Ali.

Sean: Excellent. Excellent. Well Hannady it's been lovely to talk to you. Congratulations again - you are the Listener of the Month - our very first Listener of the Month, with a very impressive ten points. And it's been delightful to learn a little bit more about the real Hannady.

Hannady:Thank you very much.

What was the highlight of your Ramadan? Write to us in English!

ماهى اهم الاشياء التى حدثت لكم خلال شهر رمضان و ماهى افضل لحظة مرت عليكم فى هذا الشهر الكريم؟ اكتبوا لنا بالانجليزية.

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