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تعّلم الإنجليزية من خلال الأغانى
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Welcome to our songlines page.

Here you can learn a useful English phrase with the stars of rock and pop music! Listen to songlines on BBC Xtra or online.


Jongar from Syria and Ahmed in Beirut want to hear 'Soledad' by Westlife. In this songline, listen out for the expression if only you could see.

لو انك فقط تستطيع رؤية ذلك

Leanne Rimes

American singer Leanne Rimes uses the saying shame on you. You could use it if you want to tell someone off.

عيب عليك

Rod Stewart

'The first cut is the deepest' was originally sung by Cat Stevens. In Rod Stewart's version, hear the encouraging phrase give it a try .

بذل المحاولة

Southern Italy

Let's go is a phrase from 'Destination Calabria' by Alex Gaudino and Crystal Waters.

هيا بنا


In 'Lil Star', Kelis and Cee-Lo use the saying it's a matter of .

انها مجرد مسألة كذا


Rakan in Saudia Arabia requests 'I lay my love on you' by Westlife. Hear the group use the phrase I can hardly believe it.

بالكاد استطيع تصديق ذلك


Bread use the expression steal the show in the classic song 'Guitar man'.

ان تسرق الاضواء

Is there a song you want us to use in songlines? Or, do you want to dedicate a song to someone? If so, please fill in the form below and send us your requests.

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