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آخر تحديث: الجمعة 06 أكتوبر 2006 14:21 GMT
بيتر بان.. من جديد
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اختبر معلوماتك اليوم

Peter Pan

استمع إلى الكلمات في البرنامج ومرن نفسك على استخدامها في الفقرة أدناه

Welcome to BBC Xtra English.In today's programme, Cath and Louay talk about a classic piece of literature.

One of the best loved films and books ever written is Peter Pan, the adventures of a boy who never grew up.

A sequel to Peter Pan - called Peter Pan in Scarlet - has been released this week.

In the new book, Peter Pan still hasn't grown up, but other characters in the book, such The Lost Boys and the three Darling children are twenty years older.

The Lost Boys are now The Old Boys and they have to become children again to save Neverland,

Peter Pan in Scarlet is likely to be a big hit , as the launch happened simulataneously in 38 countries this week.

The author, Geraldine McCaughrean, could be catapulted to stardom. It's been compared to the time when JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter became famous almost overnight.

McCaughrean is not the first person to dare to write a sequel to a famous book. There are sequels to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre , Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Daphne Du Marurier's Rebecca, all classics.

However, there are people who think McCaughrean should have left Peter Pan alone; she has been accused of 'pulling the wings off fairies' - a reference to Tinkerbell the fairy in the story.

What do you think? Should we leave the classics alone? Or is it OK for modern authors to continue the story? Write to us in English.

ماذا تعتقد أنت؟ هل ينبغي علينا ترك القصص القديمة لحالها؟ هل يحق للكتاب المعاصرين إكمال القصة؟ أكتبوا إلينا بالإنجليزية

classic piece
قطعة أو مقطوعة كلاسيكية قديمة والمقصود هنا من روائع الأدب القديم


best loved
المحببة للغاية - المفضلة بشدة



grown up
كبروا - نموا

الأرض التي لم توجد أبدا وهي اسم المكان الذي دارت فيه أحداث بيتر بان

big hit
انتصار كبير - نجاح باهر

شروع - بدء - إطلاق

الكاتب - الكاتبة

catapulted to stardom
قُذفت نحو النجومية


pulling the wings off fairies
كمن يقتلع الأجنحة عن الجنيات والمقصود هنا نزع السحر عن تلك القصص الخيالية

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تعليقاتكم يمكن ان تنشر في اي من وسائل الاعلام التابعة للبي بي سي في مختلف انحاء العالم.

Monzer Zhaykh, Palestine
i think that is ok to develop some storyies thanks.

Yosafe, Maghar village
I think it will be very useful if authors write a sequel to famous classics I also think that the authors should renew all the classics and write it accordingly to the spirit of the 21th century and offer it to the new generations in new way.

Simsim, Mansoura, Cairo
I think that we shouldn't leave the classics as they are the basis that enabled us to reach to the modern story so we can't do without it but we must return to them if we want to learn how to write a good story.... ---and modern authors have the right to continue the story

Fuzail Ahmad, Delhi India
As for as I am concerned we should not leave the classics alone because it is very important. every author should be very strong in their view and they should should continue this process.they also write story in modern type.

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