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آخر تحديث: الخميس 05 أكتوبر 2006 13:24 GMT
النجاة من طائرة محطمة
شاهد واسمع

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حلقات سابقة

اختبر معلوماتك اليوم

Getting on board

استمع إلى الكلمات في البرنامج ومرن نفسك على استخدامها في الفقرة أدناه

Welcome to BBC Xtra English.
How do you survive a plane crash? That's the question John and Sam have been talking about, and they have some essential tips if you are a nervous flier.

Although experts tell us that flying is the safest form of transport, many of the three million people who take to the air each day are terrified of crashing.

This is a paradox. Why are so many people terrified of crashing when we know that flying is the safest form of transport?

Although most people believe their time is up if they are in a plane crash, 90 % of crashes have survivors.

Professor Ed Galea an aviation safety expert, and one of the authors of a new book "The Survivors Guide to Plane Crashes" says, the golden rule of safety in the air is to sit next to one of the exits.

Many passengers believe that sitting at the back of the plane, or over a wing are the safest places to sit. But according to Galea there is "no best seat to take", just sit no further than seven rows from a viable exit.

An aisle seat is easier to get out of.

If you are with your family try to stay together in the same row, as they won't have to scramble over other passengers; they can get out in an orderly way.

Other tips for survival include keeping your shoes on during take off and landing, because its easier to evacuate from a plane with your shoes on. The Professor left John and Sam with one other interesting insight, he said "surviving an aircraft crash is not a matter of fate!".

ينجو من - يبقى على قيد الحياة

plane crash
تحطم أو سقوط طائرة

essential tips
إرشادات أساسية

nervous flier
تخشى أو ترهب الطيران


مرعوب - خائف للغاية

تناقض ظاهري



the golden rule
القاعدة الذهبية


الركاب - المسافرين

ممكن - في المتناول

aisle seat
مقعد أقرب للممر

scramble over
يسقطون ويتعثرون من جراء التدافع

منظمة - محسوبة

take off



surviving an aircraft crash is not a matter of fate!
النجاة من تحطم طائرة ليست مسألة قضاء وقدر!

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