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آخر تحديث: الإثنين 14 يونيو 2004 19:49 GMT
كلمات في الاخبار
كلمات في الاخبار

الانتخابات الاوروبية
كريس موريس
بي بي سي

اظهرت النتائج الاخيرة للانتخابات البرلمانية الاوروبية نجاحات للاحزاب المعارضة في عموم القارة، حيث سجلت الحركات المتخوفة من الوحدة افضل النتائج. تقرير كريس موريس:

This election was a damning indictment of Europe's current political leaders. Most people either voted for opposition parties or didn't bother to vote at all.

In Germany in particular the scale of the defeat for the governing Social Democrats was pretty staggering. While the number of people staying away from the polls in new member states like Poland and Slovakia was a source of deep disappointment for officials in Brussels. Euro-sceptic parties gained ground in Britain, Sweden, the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

But overall, the new parliament will not be too dissimilar from the old. Most MEPs will be pro-European, with the centre-right parties forming the biggest group, followed by the socialists.

The parliament meets for the first time next month but attention in the EU is already switching to the debate on the proposed European constitution. EU foreign ministers are meeting in Luxembourg today to discuss new compromise proposals in advance of a European summit in Brussels later this week.

a damning indictment

didn't bother
لم يكلفوا انفسهم عناء المشاركة

حجم الخسارة


staying away from the polls
مقاطعة الانتخابات

a source of deep disappointment
مصدر خيبة امل كبيرة

gained ground
حصل على مكاسب

بشكل عام


switching to
تحول الى

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