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آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 15 سبتمبر 2004 14:18 GMT
كلمات في الأخبار
كلمات في الاخبار

الرجل الوطواط
أوليفر كونواي
بي بي سي

اقتحم رجل يرتدي زي الرجل الوطواط مقر الإقامة الرسمي لملكة بريطانيا للدعاية لجماعة تدافع عن حقوق الأباء. وقد استخدم الرجل سلما لتسلق واجهة قصر بكنجهام وظل واقفا على حافة الحائط الأمامي للقصر لمدة خمس ساعات.

تقرير: أوليفر كونواي

TThis is the latest in a string of high profile stunts by activist fathers demanding more access to their children. But it could cause the biggest stir yet. The man, named as Jason Hatch, managed to evade Palace security and climb onto a ledge next to the main balcony, where the Royal Family greet the crowds on special occasions. Dressed as the Caped Crusader, he unfurled a large banner which said Super Dads of Fathers For Justice, and waved at passers-by. Another campaigner, David Pyke, who was dressed as Batman's sidekick Robin, said he and Mr Hatch managed to get over the palace railings while other members of the group scaled the front gate to distract armed police. They then used an extendable ladder to climb the building itself.

However, Mr Pyke said he was not arrested immediately and was able to climb back out of the compound. The police threw a cordon around the entire area - and brought in a cherry picking crane, which after lengthy negotiations was used to bring Mr Hatch down. The incident, which was broadcast live on television, is hugely embarrassing for Palace security - at a time of heightened concern over the threat of terrorism. No members of the Royal Family were at the Palace, but it؟s likely the Queen will not be amused.

Oliver Conway, BBC News, London

high profile stunts
المعنى المقصود: أعمال يهدف من ورائها لفت الأنتباه إلى حدث أو قضية ما


access to their children
المعنى المقصود: حق رؤية الأباء لأبنائهم بعد الطلاق


المعنى المقصود: شريك ثانوي


lengthy negotiations
مفاوضات مطولة

heightened concern
مخاوف كبيرة



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