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The deadliest creatures on Earth? Your say

What do you think? What makes one animal more deadly than another?

Is it size, speed, aggression or the efficiency with which it kills its prey, and does an animal even have to be a predator to be among the most deadly creatures on Earth?

Producers of the CBBC programme Deadly 60 have suggested their "top 10" deadliest creatures, but do you agree?

Email us at with your thoughts, and we'll include as many as we can below.


P. Oriordan:

"I'd vote for the Puff Adder as one of the world's top 10 deadliest creatures. It is a sluggish snake which relies on camouflage rather than escape as a defence mechanism, and is often found basking on paths. Its reluctance to move away from danger, aggressive nature, the potency of its venom and widespread distribution make it the deadliest snake in Africa, far outstripping the highly venomous and aggressive Black Mamba."

Dr T. Fenning:

"The box jellyfish surely knocks any and all of these other guys out of the rankings. It has a preposterously powerful and nasty poison. As do the diphtheria and botulism bacteria too, come to that. A mere handful of molecules of their poison can kill an elephant. Some plants are fairly nasty too, but are often more subtle about it."

B. Griffen:

"You don't appear to mention extinct animals such as the dinosaurs. Why?"

Alligator snapping turtle
Deadly 60 choice: The alligator snapping turtle lives mainly in southern US waters. They consume almost any kind of meat and have been known to kill actual alligators.

T. Knight:

"I would start with the great white, as it has the most devastating breach attack, and is obviously enormous! The killer whale would also be included, with its size and intelligence the key reason. The peregrine falcon would have to be mentioned, with its awesome free fall kill tactics. The gladiator spider is interesting with its unique web use, and the flamboyant cuttlefish also, with its amazing ability to change the colour and texture of its skin. The painted hunting dogs (which you mentioned), the salt water crocodile would also be included, an awesome predator. The wolverine would also be in, a very tenacious predator. The rattle snake also, with its amazing patience and strike ability. Chimpanzees are also worth a mention when they have a bloodlust, they are almost unstoppable in force. Army ants are incredible creatures and are a definite inclusion, and finally the mimic octopus is included, with its amazing intelligence and ability to mimic so many creatures."

Black mamba
Deadly 60 choice: While not the strongest, the black mamba has the fastest-acting venom and strikes with amazing precision. These intelligent snakes scare even experienced snake handlers.

R. Mistry:

"Will there be any spiders or frogs on the list?"

A. Humphries:

"I do think the domestic cat needs an honourable mention. Considering its size and location it is most certainly 'deadly'. For example, one of my cats, who is not much bigger than length of my forearm and hand, can manage to drag a full sized wild rabbit into the house, and when just a kitten she was able to take a pigeon out of the sky. Such personal examples are nothing I'm sure compared to the feats of other domestic cats. However, their power to weight ratio must be considerable and in their local, domesticated environment can be finely tuned hunters. Other ideas are possibly the Orca, Leopard seal or Australian Irukandji jellyfish (particularly deadly)."

Painted hunting dogs
Deadly 60 choice: Painted hunting dogs are the animals with the best "hit rate" of the plains predators. Teamwork is the key here.

C. Gywther

"Thought I would add in the Sydney Funnel Web Spider... the male utilises Atraxotoxin, probably the most lethal toxin produced in the animal kingdom (to Primates anyway)."

S. Carr:

"Although killing more humans in Africa than any other mammal, as far as I know the hippo is no more a predator than the buffalo or elephant."

R. Gainey:

"Surely in terms of danger to humans the most deadly creature on Earth is the malaria carrying Anopheles mosquito?"

R. Kemp:

"In your photo article, 'The deadliest creatures on Earth?', you appear to have missed off the malarial mosquito, which kills approximately one million people a year, and the Ebola virus, which has a mortality rate of around 80%. Deadly doesn't just mean big and ugly..."

A. Brogan:

"The wolverine has been known to kill prey up to ten times its own size. The komodo dragon with its venomous bite also feared. But the deadliest creature on earth is a no-brainer really… it's man. Mankind has developed tools that enable it to kill pretty much any living entity on the planet, from whales to bacteria."

As your further comments below demonstrate, many of you have come to a similar conclusion: that humans should be on any list of the world's deadliest creatures.

S. McCann:

"This creature is definitely the most capable and nightmarish of all beasts to inhabit the Earth. Although it is well known for killing for no known logical reason, it typically kills over minor territory disputes, for the favour of a mate and most commonly, for petty possessions. It is capable of killing with deft and blinding speed or depending on its nature, can inflict cruel and enduring pain and eventual death. The true nightmarish nature of this beast is illustrated by its ability to kill many, many prey within a very short instant. Even more terrifying is the fact that most of this aggression is directed at its own species! I am of course talking about Homo sapien. Without a doubt, the most dangerous species on the planet."

A. Day:

"Why have you not included Homo sapiens. By far deadlier than all the rest put together!"

J. Burbidge:

"Surely aren't we humans the most deadliest creatures on Earth?"

C. Rutt:

"Surely Homo sapiens deserves the top rating for the number of species he has exterminated?"

D. Beck:

"Surely the most deadliest creature of all and certainly the one who kills the most is mankind?"

I. Taylor:

"The answer is obvious - for ruthlessness, aggression, capacity to kill, etc. - us."

R. Smith:

"Man is the most efficient, calculating, ruthless and deadly killer in history. We have killed off more of our own kind and many other species of animals than all the other 'dangerous' animals put together!"

The television series Deadly 60 starts on Thursday 28 May on the CBBC channel at 5.15pm.

The deadliest creatures on Earth?
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