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Environment statement on global warming

Environment and Sustainable Development Minister John Griffiths made a statement on Doha 2012.

Approximately 200 governments met in Doha, Qatar in December 2012 in order to discuss the way forward in relation to global warming.

The European Environment Agency warned in November 2012 that global warming is already affecting environment systems across Europe, and that the effects of temperature rise will only increase.

The talks in Doha did not lead to a new agreement but the governments that have already signed up to the Kyoto treaty agreed to extend it until 2020.

It was originally due to expire on 1 January 2013.

The Kyoto Protocol sets targets for the maximum amount of carbon dioxide that signatories can release every year.

Some environmentalists, including members of Friends of the Earth, have criticised the outcome of the talks, saying that not enough is being done to decrease carbon emissions.

Some of the countries that are responsible for the release of the greatest amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere have not signed the treaty - including the United States, Russia and China.

The government's white paper for the sustainable development bill includes a proposal that would force all public bodies to consider the environment and social issues when making a decision.

AMs then considered a legislative consent memorandum (LCM).

LCMs note the assembly's agreement that the UK government may pass legislation on a devolved issue which usually falls within the legislative competence of the Welsh government.

The LCM in question relates to how much courts can charge for the disposal of waste.

Read this in Welsh.


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