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Urgent question on the health boards

Health Minister Lesley Griffiths denied that giving £82m in extra funding to the health boards constituted a bailout.

She was responding to an urgent question tabled by the Conservative Health Spokesperson Darren Millar on 5 December 2012.

The presiding officer had agreed to the urgent question being asked after the health minister confirmed earlier in the day that £82m in extra funds has been allocated to health boards to cope with "unprecedented pressures".

Mr Millar attacked Ms Griffiths' record saying that her management of the NHS was an "absolute shambles"

He argued that "the record breaking cuts your government is imposing are crippling the NHS".

The health minister defended her record, claiming to have been "very prudent" in arranging for the contingency fund.

"You can't attack me for underfunding the health boards then attack me for giving them money," she said defending her actions.

Plaid Cymru Health Spokesperson Elin Jones wondered aloud when a bailout is not a bailout as she asked "Is it when it's not at the end of the year?"

Ms Griffiths stressed that "bailout is money for a failing organisation, the NHS is not a failing organisation".

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