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Debate on the annual budget

The assembly government's annual budget for 2013-14 was passed on 4 December 2012.

Labour had come to an understanding with Plaid Cymru to spend £20m on youth apprenticeships in exchange for the party's AMs abstaining in the vote thus allowing the budget to pass.

The deal also included setting up a science park, a joint venture between Bangor and Aberystwyth universities.

Jane Hutt said that the budget was one for the "businesses, families and economy of Wales" as she outlined how the government intends to share the Welsh block grant between the different government departments.

According to the Finance Committee the money allocated has fallen by 0.5% to just below £15bn compared to this financial year (2012-13), which equates to a 3% cut in real terms taking inflation into account.

Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black said his party would have been willing to vote with the government had they agreed to doubling the pupil premium grant to £900 per pupil.

The party had supported the government's 2012-2013 budget after they included the premium in that budget.

Jane Hutt invited the Liberal Democrats to support the budget as they had raised the pupil premium budget by £4.4m.

Finance spokesperson for the Conservatives Paul Davies said that the government's budget were effectively "cuts to the NHS".

The Finance Committee have also raised concerns about the budget's affordability particular in relation to NHS spending.


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