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Deputy children minister statement

Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services said that safeguarding children was "a priority" for the government on 13 November 2012.

Gwenda Thomas AM was making a statement on the new child practice review framework 'Improving Safeguarding and Protection'.

The new framework differentiates between two types of different reviews called 'concise' and 'extended', depending on the circumstances of the child involved.

"There can be no quick fix," said the minister.

"The work that has now been undertaken has been painstaking and detailed and we have to ensure that the new framework does exactly what it is intended to do."

She added that "what we must promote through this new framework is a positive culture of multi-agency child protection learning and reviewing to improve day to day practice.

"Child practice reviews will set in place a foundation for collective learning by professionals from different agencies through multi-agency practitioner forums.

"These formal review processes will run alongside multi-agency professional forums which will allow practitioners and managers to examine multi-agency practice and inform future training priorities."

A budget of £11,000 for training has already been agreed to provide practitioners with a sound knowledge of the new child protection review framework and this training should be completed before the new process begins on 1 January 2013.

Members raised concerns with the minister as to the implementation of the framework, but all welcomed the initiative.


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