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Welsh Assembly

There was unanimous agreement on the general principles of the proposed fire safety measure, introduced by Ann Jones AM, on 24 November 2010.

The Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd's measure would compel house builders to fit automatic sprinklers into new homes built in Wales.

Despite unanimous support for the general principles of the measure, a number of recommendations were put forward.

Rosemary Butler AM, chair of the legislation committee, raised concerns that the practical implications in relation to the provision and maintenance of a water supply have yet to be fully resolved and its potential impact of the proposed measure on the affordable housing agenda.

She also said that the committee believes that the total installation costs will be higher than the estimate provided in the measure.

The chair of the Finance Committee Angela Burns AM said that despite the increased cost to developers, there is no evidence that they will be seen as a significant burden on house buyers or have a significant impact on the housing market.

She said that there are suggestions that properties which have such systems might become more desirable than those that do not.

Across Wales an average of 20 people lose their lives to fire each year and about 80% of fire related deaths and injuries occur in the home.

There is currently no requirement under building regulations to provide sprinkler systems in new residential premises.

The amendments to the measure will now be considered by the legislation committee.

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