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Debate on autism

AMs focused on the Enterprise and Learning Committee's report on specialist provision for young people with autism in further education, on 14 July 2010.

The report highlights that 58% of schools who responded to the inquiry did not feel there was "adequate further education provision" for young people with autism in Wales.

It also suggests that half of the schools have experienced problems with young people with autism moving onto further education.

44% of colleges agreed that there is a "lack of staff awareness and training", according to the committee's findings.

During the inquiry, the committee listened to evidence from a number of witnesses including the education minister, National Autistic Society Cymru and the mothers of young people with autism.

There are 19 recommendations in the report including a suggestion that all senior transition workers should have "detailed knowledge and experience" of autism.

The report also suggests that the parents of young people with autism should be enabled to make applications for funding for placements 12 months before the start of the college term.

It also recommends that there should be more consistent levels of support for young people with autism and their families outside of college, during holidays and weekends.

Assembly Government data suggest there were 80 students with autism in further education in 2007/08, which is about 0.5% of all disabled learners; more recent data is due to be published.

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