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Welsh Assembly

The Liberal Democrats called on the government to undertake an economic impact assessment of the effect of the Severn bridges tolls on the South Wales economy.

During their debate on 30 June 2010, they urged the government to make further representations to the UK government on the "negative impact" of the tolls.

According to the Lib Dems, the assembly government should prepare the case for supporting the withdrawal of tolls when the bridges revert to public ownership.

Mike German AM said: "If the study shows that there is damage to the South Wales economy, the Severn bridge tolls should therefore be frozen".

The Severn bridge is operated by a private company and will return to government ownership when the firm has collected a fixed sum of money from tolls, which based on current estimates could be by 2017.

The government argued that it already holds regular discussions with the UK government about the Severn bridges and will continue to discuss the future ownership and management of the bridges.

It called on the assembly to welcome the recent measures to allow card payments at the tollbooths which it is urging the UK government to have in place before the Ryder Cup.


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