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Short debate: The right to breathe

The Liberal Democrat AM for South Wales West Peter Black led a short debate on the right to breathe, on 16 June 2010.

According to Mr Black people should be allowed to take their medical oxygen cylinders onto airplanes for no extra cost.

Mr Black has written to Lord Peter Mandelson, the Business Secretary, asking him to support to the British Lung Foundation's campaign to end the restrictions and charges that airlines place on people with a lung condition.

People with respiratory diseases often require additional supplementary oxygen due to the low levels of oxygen in their blood.

However, due to the policies set by airline companies, it is both expensive and difficult for people with this disability to plan and use air travel, according to Mr Black.

On 10 August 2006, authorities in the United Kingdom uncovered an alleged plot to sabotage as many as 10 US airliners travelling from the UK to the USA, reportedly by using liquid and gel based explosives.

Since then, the UK and most other countries have banned compressed gas cylinders and other liquid or gel products on aircraft.

Peter Black said: 'In the coming months many people from Wales will be going on holiday by plane. People with lung conditions should have same opportunities to travel, free from discriminatory charges, as the rest of us.

" I therefore urge all the airlines to drop these charges and restrictions and have written to the Minister in charge to ask him if there is anything that can be done to force them to change this policy".


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