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Welsh Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee met on 24 September to consider evidence from representatives of the Environment Agency and Canoe Wales.

The committee decided in July to examine access to inland water in Wales.

The inquiry was in response to a petition received from the Welsh canoeing association who want public access rights along inland water in Wales clarified.

The organisation complains that the current situation is confusing and can lead to bitter disputes between anglers and canoeists.

Canoe Wales says that the public cannot know for sure where they can or cannot enjoy the water in Wales; and the information is not easily available.

And it says Wales needs a new law to give more equal access to rivers.

Elsewhere in the UK, Scotland has already introduced a new law to allow reasonable access.

The Environment Agency does not see the need for a change in legislation and believes that it can further improve access through discussions with private landowners.


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