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Finance Secretary John Swinney explained to the Finance Committee why he had refused legislative consent for the UK pensions bill in November, on 9 January 2013.

The refusal prevented the UK government taking control over six small pension schemes currently administered by the Scottish parliament.

"The Scottish government believes that it is this parliament and not the Westminster parliament that should decide on the terms of pensions for public service workers in Scotland.

"Consequently I was not willing to bring forward the legislative consent motion proposed by the chief secretary to the treasury."

The finance secretary went on to say: "I am pleased to confirm the UK government has already begun the process of making the necessary amendments to the bill to remove these provisions

The Scottish government remains opposed to the way the UK government has conducted these pension reforms in general."

The minister announced the Scottish government's refusal to give consent to proposals in the Public Service Pensions Bill to place some public body schemes in Scotland under UK legislative control, in a ministerial statement on 28 November 2012.

Mr Swinney also confirmed that thousands of public sector workers across Scotland would see their pension contributions increase for a second year, despite his opposition to the rise.

He said he had to follow reforms across the UK or find £100 million a year to offset the increases.

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