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20 years of Zero Tolerance campaigns

Labour MSP Malcolm Chisholm congratulated Zero Tolerance on 20 years of campaigning to change attitudes to violence against women by men on 9 January 2013.

The Edinburgh Northern and Leith MSP recalled "what seemed like a revolutionary moment in the winter of 1992-93", when "the campaign shone a light on what had been in the dark for a very long time".

In his motion Mr Chisholm congratulated Zero Tolerance on 20 years of campaigning to change attitudes to violence against women by men and noted that some forms of abuse such as pornography and prostitution were regarded as more acceptable than other forms.

Using the examples of Sweden and Norway, who criminalised the purchase of sex in 1999 and 2009 respectively, Mr Chisholm called on MSPs to get behind Rhoda Grant's proposals for similar legislation in Scotland saying "clearly it is needed more than ever".

Annabel Goldie MSP said "it is a pervasive social problem" with 163 incidents recorded by the police each day.

The Scottish Conservative MSP reminded the chamber that children can also be victims of abuse and highlighted the work of

, a website designed by and aimed at young people.

Ms Goldie suggested an app could be developed for children living in a situation of abuse.

Health Secretary Alex Neil paid tribute to the work of Zero Tolerance: "The campaign has informed much of the work by the government in domestic abuse and violence against women."

Mr Neil noted there were nearly 60,000 incidents reported last year, with nearly 47,000 of those against women.

The health secretary highlighted Labour MSP Graeme Pearson's concerns about technology being used to abuse women and Conservative MSP Annabel Goldie who suggested an app should be developed of children under threat of domestic abuse.

Mr Neil said the government were already looking at whether to develop an app for women under threat and said he would now look at developing an app specifically for children.

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