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Point of order and decision time

Prior to decision time, Conservative MSP Liz Smith raised a point of order over the rules concerning correction of the official report, after it emerged Alex Salmond gave inaccurate information on green jobs during first minister's questions on 25 October.

Mr Salmond made a correction to Holyrood's official report, which documents what is said in the parliament's chamber.

He had claimed 18,000 people in Scotland were employed in renewable energy but altered this to 11,000.

According to Holyrood's official report, Mr Salmond said during first ministers question time on 25 October: "There are now, I think, 18,000 people employed directly in renewable energy across Scotland."

Ms Smith asked if the first minister was allowed to make the change without acknowledging the error to the parliament first.

Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick confirmed the correction had been made this afternoon, after the original request from the first minister's office on the morning of 15 November.

Labour MSP Mr McMahon was heard to shout "you're out of order" and was reprimanded by Ms Marwick.

Mr McMahon apologised but was asked to see Ms Marwick in her office over the outburst.

The amended motion from the business tourism debate was passed unanimously.

In his motion, Tourism Minister Fergus Ewing welcomed the contribution of business tourism to the Scottish tourism industry, which overall delivered £2.9bn annually to the Scottish gross value added.

The Labour amendment from Ken Macintosh MSP, highlighted the key role of Scotland's cities in developing business tourism, for example in Glasgow, where the city council has worked hard to achieve the position of largest destination for business tourism in the UK outside London, and in Aberdeen.

It was also passed unanimously.

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