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Scottish Parliament

First Minister Alex Salmond apologised to MSPs for providing incorrect information about Scotland's college budgets, on 15 November 2012.

During first minister's questions Mr Salmond said the college budget had risen by £1m since last year.

In his apology before decision time he conceded to parliament that the budget had in fact been cut by over £9m and the wrong figure had been used.

Mr Salmond said the figure he used for 2011-12 college resource budget failed to account for revisions to the budget but insisted there had been "no intention to mislead".

He also confirmed Education Secretary Mike Russell would express regret to the presiding officer for using the same erroneous figure as the basis for an answer to Labour MSP Hanzala Malik on 28 June.

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont raised a point of order and said the contempt shown every day for the Scottish people and this parliament by Mr Salmond was "breathtaking".

Ms Lamont said after the "European debacle, after this, how can we ever believe a word Mr Salmond says".


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