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Point of order

Scottish Labour's education spokesperson Hugh Henry called on Alex Salmond to return to parliament accusing him of misleading MSPs during first minister's questions on 15 November 2012.

Mr Henry said Mr Salmond was guilty of either an "elementary error" which misled through incompetence or he "deliberately fiddled the figures" in order to mislead the parliament.

Earlier, Mr Salmond told Holyrood college funding was going up but it has since emerged his education secretary told MSPs last month college funding was going down and the figures used were not like for like.

Mr Salmond today described his answer as "exact an answer as anybody has ever given in any parliament".

Gavin Brown, the Scottish conservative finance spokesperson, also called on the first minister to return to parliament to explain what changes Mr Swinney had made to college funding in 2014-15.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson had quoted Audit Scotland's report stating there would be a 24% reduction in the college budget in real terms, to which Mr Salmond had replied the report was published before changes to the college budget had been made.

Officials have now been asked to check Mr Salmond's figures and MSPs will be updated later.

Parliamentary Business Minister Joe Fitzpatrick said he understood there was a difference in the figures and officials were looking into this and an update would be provided to parliament "as soon as possible".


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