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Ministerial Statement: The Edinburgh Agreement

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon revealed the Scottish government would seek legal advice on whether an independent Scotland would continue to be a member of the European Union, during her ministerial statement on the Edinburgh Agreement on 23 October 2012.

Ministers had previously gone to court to prevent attempts to reveal whether or not they had sought such advice from law officers.

Ms Sturgeon confirmed the government had not done so previously.

She also told MSPs a majority of respondents to its consultation, 'Your Scotland, Your Referendum': An Analysis of Consultation Responses, favoured a one question independence referendum.

The deputy first minister said the consultation said of the consultation: "The analysis indicates broad support for the government's proposals on the question, the timing of the referendum, votes for 16 and 17 years olds, and spending limits.

"Opinion is split on the issue of voting on Saturdays.

"Quantitative analysis indicates a majority against a second question on the ballot paper - an option that has in any event been foreclosed for this parliament by the UK government's position on the section 30 Order."

She earlier stressed the importance of the deal signed by Alex Salmond and David Cameron: "The Edinburgh Agreement is a watershed moment in Scotland's Home Rule journey.

"It paves the way for the most important decision our country will make in over 300 years and - crucially - ensures that Scotland's referendum is designed and delivered by this Parliament."


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