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Scottish Parliament

Local Government and Planning Minister Derek Mackay told MSPs: "We cannot keep doing things to people. We must do things with people and trust them to do things for themselves", in the debate on the proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill on 12 September 2012.

The bill proposes, amongst other ideas, the following :

• the introduction of an urban community right to buy

• the right for communities to request to take over unused or underused public sector assets

• to challenge the quality of service delivery

• to give local people a greater say in how local budgets are spent

• strengthened compulsory purchase powers

Mr Mackay said: "Our consultation has the potential to deliver the biggest transfer of power to communities direct since the creation of the Scottish parliament itself."

Labour MSP Sarah Boyack noted that effective community models are needed in urban areas of Scotland as well as in rural areas.

This omission from the bill gave rise to the Scottish Labour Party's amendment; to prompt a shift in principles underpinning the bill and to recognise the important role of key players in unlocking resources as "local councillors reflect the aspirations of local communities".

Ms Boyack also called for clarification on the role of the land reform review group and highlighted "poverty, poor education, poor health and poor transport" as "the social justice drivers which must be locked in to this bill".

Scottish Conservative MSP Margaret Mitchell backed many provisions of the bill but voiced "major reservations on the community right to request a local authority power to right to buy urban property".

The second part of the debate can be viewed below:

Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill debate 2

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