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End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill Committee part 2

MSPs continued to take evidence on the End of Life Assistance Bill by quizzing experts from Oregon, on 7 September 2010.

The bill would allow terminally ill people to seek help to die at a time of their choosing, a form of legalised assisted suicide.

MSPs questioned health experts Professor Linda Ganzini from Oregon Health and Science University and Deborah Whiting Jaques from the Oregon Hospice Association.

Professor Ganzini told the committee that since the introduction of the Death with Dignity Act, no physician in Oregon, who had used the legislation to assist someone to die, had faced disciplinary action.

The legislation allows terminally-ill Oregonians to end their lives through the voluntary self-administration of lethal medications, expressly prescribed by a physician for that purpose.

The Death with Dignity Act came about after 80,000 people in Oregon signed a petition, which the whole state then voted to back by 51%.

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